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What's wrong? // By: scott feldstein - CC BY 2.0

Much ado about trivia

The Australian Academy of Science (AAS), an otherwise exemplary organisation, is upset because most Australians have a decent grasp of basic scientific facts. Wait, let me start from the beginning. A scientific literacy survey, recently carried out by Auspoll on behalf of the AAS, has found that science literacy of young Australian adults has fallen in the … Continue Reading ››
Tree of Life // © Open University

Science is not just an opinion

"Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?" —Douglas Adams

People often write heartfelt pieces about the personal history of a certain belief of theirs. Virginia Heffernan recently attempted just that on her blog, when she felt an urge to explain … Continue Reading ››
Foucault's pendulum at CA Academy of Sciences

Faith and science

One of my (many) favourite exchanges in Carl Sagan’s magnificent novel Contact is that between the book’s protagonist, radio astronomer Dr Ellie Arroway, and charismatic preacher, Palmer Joss, about faith. “Here, take a look out of that window,” says Ellie. “There’s a big Foucault pendulum out there. The bob must weigh five … Continue Reading ››