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Screenshot from "Cancer is not one disease" by Kate Patterson.

Cancer is not one disease

The stuff that happens within our bodies, within our organs, within their cells, within the DNA - that's the stuff life is made of. To the naked eye it is invisible. Even to an eye equipped with a microscope it can be exceedingly difficult to discern, particularly when it comes to observing changes over time. Animation can … Continue Reading ››
Botanical beauties from the past

Botanical beauties from the past

In the days before high-resolution colour photography, natural scientists had to be able to draw. Or hire someone else who was accomplished in the artistic craft and willing to work in tandem with the scientist. Beautiful and meticulously  detailed, today botanical illustrations from the 19th century have an aesthetic and historical value.  And it turns out … Continue Reading ››
David Orr cover slide

Lots of spectacular feathers

David Orr is a young graphic designer who loves dinosaurs, paleontology, natural history and similar cool stuff. While undertaking his graphic design degree, he also works for the Indiana University Art Museum, designing ads and exhibit graphics as well as publications.
Many of my projects involve science communication, a field in … Continue Reading ››
The wackiest interpretation of a scientific concept

The wackiest interpretation of a scientific concept

The line between illustration and art is often blurry.  Science illustrations, particularly those for textbooks, are no exception. How does one conceive imagery that characterises such elusive and non-material concepts as the mind, particular mental disorders or emotional turmoil? And how does one find the right visual expression for general concepts like sexuality, systemic diseases or … Continue Reading ››