Constructive Commenting

Wonder is not a one way street. We encourage you to engage, discuss, disagree or digress. And comment. But we do want the comments to remain constructive. That’s why we have the following comments policies in place:

  1. Use your real name: We encourage you (but acknowledge we can’t force you) to use your real name when commenting. Transparency doesn’t guarantee good behaviour, but anonymity does nothing to discourage it. And if you must remain anonymous because you’re busting some crime conspiracy wide open, you’re probably on the wrong website.
  2. Be reasonable: We love diverging views, disagreements and debate. But we hate argumentative fallacies. Because only an idiot would go ad hominem. So we encourage you to play by the rules, at least those of rational discourse.
  3. Be nice: The ability to offend is woven into free speech. However, any comments that seek only to offend have no intellectual merit, and will be frowned upon. Then removed.
  4. We moderate: Any comments that are outright in breach of these policies, or which offend our slapdash sensibilities, will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. The judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  5. Metacomment: If you have feedback or criticism of our commenting policy, you are welcome to contact us and let us know in no uncertain terms. We will take your feedback under advisement.
  6. Don’t sue: We take a good chunk of responsibility for our own comments on Wonder. But we do not take responsibility for comments left by others. Nor do we, through not deleting them, endorse their content. If there are comments that you deem offensive to the point of getting all litigious, you should contact us and we will deal with your concerns promptly.


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