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Foucault's pendulum at CA Academy of Sciences

Faith and science

One of my (many) favourite exchanges in Carl Sagan’s magnificent novel Contact is that between the book’s protagonist, radio astronomer Dr Ellie Arroway, and charismatic preacher, Palmer Joss, about faith. “Here, take a look out of that window,” says Ellie. “There’s a big Foucault pendulum out there. The bob must weigh five … Continue Reading ››
Drew et al. (in press), Psychological Science

Something seems to be wrong with your lung

For an expert radiologist a computed tomography (CT) scan provides a wealth of information, and helps to establish diagnoses such as lung cancer. Because forming a diagnosis often requires finding anomalies in a scan, you would think that radiologists are best equipped to detect any anomaly. However, a recent study by a team of scientists at … Continue Reading ››