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Editor & Art curator of Wonder. Signe is a freelance science writer with work published in The Scientist, Australian Geographic, Australasian Science, and Australian Life Scientist amongst others. Signe has an MSc in cognitive science, and loves to explore wonders of the natural world both in writing and visually. And she has to say here that all views expressed are her own and not those of her employer.
Drew et al. (in press), Psychological Science

Something seems to be wrong with your lung

For an expert radiologist a computed tomography (CT) scan provides a wealth of information, and helps to establish diagnoses such as lung cancer. Because forming a diagnosis often requires finding anomalies in a scan, you would think that radiologists are best equipped to detect any anomaly. However, a recent study by a team of scientists at … Continue Reading ››
The wackiest interpretation of a scientific concept

The wackiest interpretation of a scientific concept

The line between illustration and art is often blurry. ┬áScience illustrations, particularly those for textbooks, are no exception. How does one conceive imagery that characterises such elusive and non-material concepts as the mind, particular mental disorders or emotional turmoil? And how does one find the right visual expression for general concepts like sexuality, systemic diseases or … Continue Reading ››