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Editor-in-chief of Wonder. Tim is a philosopher and science writer. He has been the editor of Cosmos magazine and Australian Life Scientist, and has written for many popular science publications. He is currently completing a PhD in philosophy on the evolution of morality.
Mars as it might appear through various stages of terraforming. (Source: Wikimedia)

Colonising space for all the wrong reasons

Assuming humanity gets over the existential hump all civilisations must traverse - where we're just smart enough to invent nuclear weapons and fossil fuelled power stations, but not smart enough to not to use them - then I fully expect us to one day colonise the stars. Or at least the planets orbiting those stars. … Continue Reading ››

Pause to watch: Crash course in awesome

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate is my favourite organic molecule by far. (DNA is my second, for the record.) This clever little devil is the powerhouse of biology. It's no stretch to say it's the fuel that drives life. And get this: it's so good at its job, that it's used by everything from yeast to plants … Continue Reading ››
Foucault's pendulum at CA Academy of Sciences

Faith and science

One of my (many) favourite exchanges in Carl Sagan’s magnificent novel Contact is that between the book’s protagonist, radio astronomer Dr Ellie Arroway, and charismatic preacher, Palmer Joss, about faith. “Here, take a look out of that window,” says Ellie. “There’s a big Foucault pendulum out there. The bob must weigh five … Continue Reading ››