David Orr cover slide

Lots of spectacular feathers

David Orr is a young graphic designer who loves dinosaurs, paleontology, natural history and similar cool stuff. While undertaking his graphic design degree, he also works for the Indiana University Art Museum, designing ads and exhibit graphics as well as publications.

Many of my projects involve science communication, a field in which innovative, efficient design is always needed.

He also volunteers for the Indiana Raptor Center, which rehabs injured birds of prey and educates the public about the importance of environmental conservation.

I love finding bold graphic forms in nature, especially in birds.

Below is a gallery of stunning bird illustrations by David. Click on the thumbnails to admire them properly.

For me these images reside in the overlapping area between scientific illustration, which focuses on representing the bird in an identifiable manner with accurate plumage and little distraction, and the much loosely defined artwork category, where aesthetic value takes precedence over scientific accuracy.

What do you think?

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    1. I must admit I’ve never seen the work of Harper, but now that I’ve had a glance I believe you’re right, Mitchell! That explains why David’s work looks so retro and fresh at the same time.

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